Rimadius Crypto

Feb 10, 2021

2 min read


$PUDL isn’t any kind of shitty fork or that already exists everywhere. It is a simple coin with burn function. Minting will be disabled, that can be checked once coin is published.

$PUDL will be simple coin with 2% burn function. There will be supply of 3000000000 tokies. We will make presale on 11th February (8pm UTC) in TG group. TG group will be linked on webpage during the 10th of February by 7pm UTC.

Rug pull hour?

Never. Pinky promise. Liquidity will be locked for 7 days. If coin goes well, we will extend lock.

What about the contracts?

There’s no contract. $PUDL will use human social interactions. No farming nor mining, it’s based on the theory which relates the value of a network to its active users. The more people involved, the more accrued value.


No governance through token. 1 voice is 1 voice all is freely questionable on our social medias channels.


No. A Ponzi consists in a pyramidal scheme and rewards early supporters with dividends taken on newbies joining. Nothing of that exists with $PUDL.

So, how you make us monie?

By providing LP and inviting your friends to do so. You already throw your money in dark pools you didn’t even check the code. Here there’s no code to screw you.

What does $PUDL do?

You decide. It’s a social experiment with no established purpose.

Useful links.

TG: https://t.me/pudlecoin

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Crypto_Rimadius

Webpage : https://poodlecoin.tech/